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This virtual Balkans Institute, established in Vienna and all countries in the Balkan-Region, offers an all-party and independent platform of  information regarding the Balkans (South East Europe). The internet scene should enable wide publicity of the information about the Balkans and ensure communication between various institutes, organisations, governments, news agents, companies and newspapers that experience difficulties with their activities in the Balkans.

The target groups for this Database include journalists, government representatives, members of international institutions, and competent officials at banks, enterprises, etc. At the same time, the Balkan Point is highly useful for students and scholars who require simple and quick access to information about the Balkans. Instead of wasting time and money to receive information from particular databases, archives or news agents, these groups are able to access that information they require both quickly and at a low cost.

Our staff is in: * Belgrade * Zagreb * Prag *Budapest * Split * Ljubljana * Skopje *Sarajevo * Mostar * Split * Dubrovnik * Mostar * Brcko * Banja Luka * Athena * Ankara * Tirana * Bucharest * Sofia * Thessalonike * Novi Sad * Bitola * Subotica * Sombor * Karlovac * Nis * Szeged * Podgorica *Cetinje * Budva * Novi Pazar * Maribor * Tuzla * Brasov * Burgras * Peje * Prishtine * Plovdiv * Cetinje * Vienna * Elbasan * Sisak * Ohrid

BalkanPoint  business news  was a free of charge service till 1 January 2004, for more information please contact us !

We own a huge photo archive. The Balkan Photo Archive is composed by over 100,000 dias from South East Europe. Contact us for details.

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